Festival Registration

PLEASE NOTE: If you are registering fewer than ten (10) people, the form below needs to be completed for EVERY Attendee being registered for the Festival. Use the “Register” button at the bottom of the form to submit the required information for each Attendee BEFORE going to the “Proceed to Payment” link.

If you are registering more than ten (10) people, please use the
and upload it here.

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Full registration includes performances, workshops, exhibitions and parties. Registration is not valid until payment is received.

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Please indicate how you will be making your payment before proceeding to the next page. Registration is NOT VALID until payment has been received.

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Please note that payment by PayPal will incur a small service charge.
Full details can be found on the Payment Details page.

You are responsible for securing your own room reservations. Make reservations early to guarantee festival rates. When reserving your room refer to the Hotel Information listed on the site.

Once all attendees and their registration information have been added, PROCEED TO PAYMENT FORM.