Enter a Production

Regional Production Entry

There is no limit to the number of productions a school may enter in the festival. Productions may be registered in the KCACTF at any time during the year. Productions entered in the KCACTF represent the work of faculty and students of the individual university and college theater departments.

The Participating category is intended as a showcase for the finest work the school can produce; to qualify students for awards; and to give faculty, student directors, and student designers experience, visibility, and responses from colleagues outside the home institution.

The Associate category exists for productions that cannot, for whatever reason, tour or be considered for the national festival. Both Participating and Associate productions receive outside response either on their home campuses or, in some regions, at state festivals and, with some exceptions, are eligible for all KCACTF-sponsored awards.

To enter a festival, please visit the KCACTF National Production Entry page. Questions may be directed to the Regional Chairs or Respondent’s Chair.