SDC Fellowship Application

Please use this form to submit an application to the SDC Fellowship Program.

Applications must be complete and are due no later than December 1st, 2018 at midnight. If your materials do not load for any reason, please send them to me directly via email at:

Please direct any questions to:

Kathleen Sills, Chair of SDC Directing Initiative
Merrimack College

Please upload your completed Faculty Reference Letter. This should include: Ability as a Director; Organizational abilities; Imagination and artistic vision; Communication skills; Ability to collaborate with others.
Please upload a pdf of your Statement of Intent. This should address the reasons for your interest in the SDC Fellowship Program and what you hope to achieve and learn through involvement in the process. This must also include a statement of your intent to attend the entire Festival and participate fully in all aspects of the SDC / KCACTF program.
Please upload a current resume that includes your experience and training as a director.